Merlot Blend

13 Wines from 9 Wineries

Cantina Kaltern FELD Merlot/Cabernet Riserva DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternFELD Merlot/Cabernet Riserva DOC

Praise to a seductive enveloping force, almost a flower, dusky and arcane.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof LINTICLARUS Cuvèe Cabernet Merlot Riserva Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofLINTICLARUS Cuvèe Cabernet Merlot Riserva

This Cuvèe contains the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot and belongs to the top selection LINTICLARUS. The grapes, from established small locations, are carefully vinified and the wine matures in small oaken barrels. The complexity of these wines guarantees both excellent drinking and considerable longevity.

Cantina Kurtatsch Merlot Cabernet Curtis Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschMerlot Cabernet Curtis

The name of the wine village of Kurtatsch comes from the Latin term "Curtis" (higher-lying farm). Bordeaux varieties were planted in Kurtatsch already around 1900. The geographic location of Kurtatsch in the south of Alto Adige is considered optimal for the heat-loving Merlot, Cabernet franc and Cabernet sauvignon grapes. Merlot gives the wine body and soft tannins. The peppery spice comes from Cabernet franc, and Cabernet sauvignon contributes its blackcurrants. The Cantina Kurtatsch Cuvée CURTIS unites these varieties in a wine with fullness and elegance. Curtis, the Mediterranean-Alpine Bordeaux blend.

St. Michael-Eppan Merlot Cabernet De Piano Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanMerlot Cabernet De Piano

“De Piano” is the ancient Latin name for Appiano and the name given to our cellar’s first red cuvée: a composition of Merlot and Cabernet. Both grape varieties have been grown in South Tyrolean vineyards since 1850. For “De Piano”, the two varieties are vinified separately and combined only after a year of ageing in wood. With the soft tannins of the Cabernet and the power of the Merlot, even the most demanding wine lovers find pleasure in this wine.

Cantina Kaltern Merlot/Cabernet DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternMerlot/Cabernet DOC

Is there anything wrong with being a classic? As reassuring as Linus’ blanket and as happy as a homecoming. And the go-to wine for spag bol.

Pfitscher Merlot Cabernet Riserva CORTAZO Bottle Preview
PfitscherMerlot Cabernet Riserva CORTAZO

The grapes destined for the production of the Cortazo grow in the vineyard “Brenntal” in Cortaccia, known as one of the warmest areas in Alto Adige. A powerful, complex wine with fine tannins, somewhere between ruby-red and violet in colour. The nose has slight nuances of violets and forest berries. Full-bodied on the palate with a velvety finish.

Cantina Kurtatsch Merlot Cabernet SOMA Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschMerlot Cabernet SOMA

In our Cuvée SOMA (ancient Greek for body), we have united the warmest vineyards from the lowermost slopes of Cantina Kurtatsch. The vineyard lots on sandy, loamy soil are ideal for growing noble Bordeaux varieties because of the geographic location of the village in the southernmost part of Alto Adige. These varieties were planted in Kurtatsch already at the beginning of the 20th century. In SOMA, Merlot, with its fruitiness, sets the pace, while Cabernet franc und Cabernet sauvignon lend it spiciness, elegance and depth. In the nose, aromas of cherries, blackberries and prunes dominate. On the palate, the presence of tannins give the round body additional balance and form the basis for longer bottle ageing.

Josef Brigl Merlot-Cabernet "Vigna Windegg" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglMerlot-Cabernet "Vigna Windegg"

Merlot - Cabernet is a full-bodied red wine, beautiful garnet in colour. Multi-layered warm notes of ripe forest berries. Strong body with smooth tannins in great harmony with a vivacious acidity structure and long-lasting finish

Kornell Merose Bottle Preview

Nose: fruity, elegant aromas of berries, raspberry and strawberry, with delicate spice Palate: fresh and stimulating with soft tannins, a lively acidity and juicy finish

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof MERUS Cabernet Merlot Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofMERUS Cabernet Merlot

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is part of our entry-level label MERUS which is Latin and means ‘pure, genuine’. Those are exactly the traits we strive for in this quality line with the characteristic varietal purity and natural elegance dominating.

Kornell Zeder Bottle Preview

Nose: elegant, fruity aromas of red berries, cherry and raspberry with balsamic notes, some chocolate and violet, and a hint of tobacco in the finish Palate: inviting with elegant tannins, playful freshness and fullness, juicy and highly quaffable