3 Wines from 3 Wineries

Cantina Kurtatsch Bronner Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschBronner

The Bronner vine was bred in 1975 from repeated crossbreeding of wild grapes and European Vitis vinifera. The goal was to develop a quality, yet fungus resistant variety. Thanks to the fungus resistance of this variety, the number of treatments in the vineyard can be greatly reduced and makes it a prime example for Cantina Kurtatsch's aim toward sustainability. In the nose, our Bronner is multilayered. The bouquet is reminiscent of meadow flowers, fresh stone and citrus fruits. The energetic acidity and fresh minerality lend the wine a special dynamic which extends its meaty body for a long finish. An elegant, complex wine with ageing potential!

Lieselehof Julian Orange Bottle Preview
LieselehofJulian Orange

Orange wine aged in oak barrels.

Abbazia di Novacella Ohm Bronner Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaOhm Bronner

Ohm, a name referring to resistence, represents our first experience with vines that withstand the warmer temperatures of Oltradige. Made from the Bronner grape varietal, picked during late harvest, thrives in these climatic conditions.