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A brief history

The Spitalerhof is a winery. Where the emphasis is on top quality. Not by coincidence, but by tradition and conviction. We are dedicated to excellence. Wine from our ancient grape varieties. Schnapps distilled right here using our own ingredients. And, of course, the traditional South Tyrolean dishes that always reflect a little of the wider world too. Luxury that takes the most direct route it can: from the field to the pan, from the garden to the plate, from the vine to the glass. All this makes the Spitalerhof in Klausen a favourite haunt of wine lovers and dinner table philosophers. For like-minded people.

However, the Spitalerhof is also a hotel with all the frills. Situated where the world of the Dolomites rubs shoulders with vineyards, where the down-to-earth meets the sophisticated. At the heart of the wine-growing area of the Eisack valley, just a few rows of vines away from the little artists’ town of Klausen. The place to be for connoisseurs, hobby winemakers, bikers and South Tyrol lovers. For those looking for something special. Holiday memories with a similar long-lasting aftertaste to our fine wines. We look forward to your visit!

The Oberpertinger family
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Via Coste, 46
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




Weingut Spitalerhof Wines

Featured Wines

Weingut Spitalerhof Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofWine 0

Weingut Spitalerhof Sylvaner "Sepp's Alte Rebe" Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofSylvaner "Sepp's Alte Rebe"

The wine is named after our grandpa Sepp, who already in 1980 chose the best sites for his vines. The result tastes pleasantly fruity ripe apple and white peach. With its long-lasting flavor and pithy acidity in the finish, it goes extremely well with fish, asparagus, appetizers and aperitif.

Weingut Spitalerhof Grüner Veltliner Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofGrüner Veltliner

This wine has an herbaceous note, which is underlined by a floral taste. With its long-lasting aroma and spiciness, it goes well with fish, cheese, white meat and is best served as an aperitif. Main harvest: Mid-October Late Harvest: November

Weingut Spitalerhof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofGewürztraminer

Our Gewürztraminer has an intense scent of roses and a light note of fresh cloves. With its aroma and intensity, this mineral wine goes well with cheese, shellfish, fish and as an aperitif. Harvest: Mid-October

Weingut Spitalerhof Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofSauvignon

The gentle pressing gives this wine its pleasant aroma of nettle, elderberry and gooseberry. Full-bodied and racy in taste, it goes well with asparagus, fish and as an aperitif. Harvest: End of September

Weingut Spitalerhof Muga Selection Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofMuga Selection

Muga Selection (Grüner Veltliner) is a Late Harvest and obtained from the best grapes and only when noble rot is formed by the weather. It has an herbaceous nose with dried fruit, in the mouth it is persistent and juicy.