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A brief history

The winery Peter Sölva & Söhne is one of the oldest wine-growing businesses in Caldaro. We are a family business which has been passed on from father to son for hundreds of years. Documents go back to 1731 showing that our family has grown grapes, made and sold wine without a break for 10 generations.
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Via dell'Oro 33
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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Featured Wines

Weingut Peter Sölva & Söhne Pinot Grigio Bottle Preview
Weingut Peter Sölva & SöhnePinot Grigio

This classic Pinot grigio convince for his lightly aromatic smell and his fresh and soft taste.

Weingut Peter Sölva & Söhne Pinot Bianco Bottle Preview
Weingut Peter Sölva & SöhnePinot Bianco

A full-bodied yellow with green reflexes and with a fresh aroma of apples, apricots and a hint of sage. Dense and elegant with much This Lagrein is an autochthonal vine variety from South Tyrol and is deliberately cultivated in the classical way in order to better get to know the characteristics of the Lagrein. It convinces by the intense fruitiness of cherries and red currants and its pleasant, lasting taste.