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A brief history

Why not doubt what everyone considers logical? Why use many additives and technologies when you can achieve better with patience and respect for nature in a much more sustainable way?

That’s why Rudi Niedermayr was a pioneer in organic farming. That’s what brought him to the PIWIs: fungus-resistant vines.
He passed his gift to consider everything down-to-earth to his son Thomas. He continues to develop his father’s philosophy and creates natural, elegant wines in a living environment, which are allowed to be one-of-a-kind.

Simply wine with all its bacteria and yeast. Symbolizing its origin, all the hours of sunshine and storms of its growth.

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Established in 1993

Schulthauserweg 1
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Meet The Winemakers

  • Christine Wolfram

    Christine, born in 1996, grew up in an area in Germany that has never seen vines, but rather lots of breweries. Her family, roofers for generations, wanted her to become “something easy, working in an office”. But her heart was lusting for vineyards and cellar work, even before she even had her first sip of wine. Watching too many documentaries about wineries might have had an influence on that. She accomplished her apprenticeship as a winemaker close to Würzburg, Franconia, with lots of Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner. Halbtrocken or lieblich, no problem. After her education, she new she wanted to work in organic farming and winemaking and by chance, she applied for an internship at Thomas Niedermayr. Starting at the company in August 2018, she was supposed to be a helping hand for the harvest. 3 years later, she has never left.

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  • Thomas Niedermayr

    Thomas, born in 1986 as the third of six children, was always involved in helping his parents at the farm. Whether in the vineyard, in the cellar or on the tractor – his passion to work with nature began young. He started out in carpentry, where he accomplished an apprenticeship and worked in the field for almost 10 years before deciding he was going to follow into his parents footsteps. To prepare for his new role, he started working for Simonit & Sirch, the masters of gentle pruning. Being on the road a lot, especially in Burgendland, Austria, he slowly began to have an idea of what kind of wine he wants to make. The first vintage under his leading was 2013, where he started to gently accompanying the wines with 100% spontaneous fermentations, no clarifying, fining or filtering. He is continuously evolving what his father started and now works exclusively with resistant grape varieties. Soil is his love language and a regenerative approach to farming his mission.

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Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Wines

Featured Wines

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Gandfels Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergGandfels

Cuvée of Cabernet Cantor & Cabernet Cortis. Vivid fullness, confident & strong character while still being playful and juicy.

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Summ Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergSumm

Our youngest. Made first in 2020, fresh, lively, lemonade-y. Cuvée of Solaris, Bronner & Souvignier gris. #fuckpesticides

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Freistil Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergFreistil

A fresh, fruity fizz. Natural, unembellished, and casual. Blend of Souvignier gris, Solaris & Bronner.

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Souvignier gris Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergSouvignier gris

Souvignier gris. White wine. Enchanting purple–, copper–, magenta-colored berries. Dense and mineral wine, herbal spices and dried fruits in the nose.

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Sonnrain Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergSonnrain

Cuvée of mostly Solaris and Muscaris. Delicate flower aromas of roses meet with the herbal spice of lemon balm and nutmeg. Full-bodied, spicy & long-lasting.

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Weissburgunder Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergWeissburgunder

Juicy, peppery, appetizing. Distinct red wine aroma. Old vines planted in 1976, trained in the Casarsa system (high-stem vine training).