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A brief history

First cited in a document dating back to 1242, the historic Waldgries Manor lies in the centre of Santa Maddalena/St. Magdalena, making it one of the oldest wineries in the region.
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Established in 1242

St. Justina 2
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


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Ansitz Waldgries Lagrein Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesLagrein

Autochthonous and self-assured. A little big wine and a regular in our Lagrein range since 1973. Lagrein is a highly distinctive variety. «My standard Lagrein is allowed to be itself but still attains a convincing elegance.»

Ansitz Waldgries St. Magdalener Classico ANTHEOS Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesSt. Magdalener Classico ANTHEOS

Antheos goes back to the origins; as in the past, it unites eight historical Schiava varieties. Like we human beings, these ancient grape varieties are the product of history. They have experience, strength and maturity. «At the last minute I decided to replant the long-lost field blend from the time of my great-grandfather – not to rewrite history but to combine it with the present and the future. The result is this highly individual Magdalener.»

Ansitz Waldgries Lagrein Riserva Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesLagrein Riserva

«I want my Lagrein Riserva to be expressive. So I work with low yields and long maceration periods.» Christian Plattner

Ansitz Waldgries Sauvignon Blanc MYRA Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesSauvignon Blanc MYRA

Sauvignon Blanc from Waldgries is like the mountains of the Alps: a crisp, fresh and minerally wine that reveals what lies in the terroir of Appiano Mountain.

Ansitz Waldgries Lagrein Roblinus de'Waldgries Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesLagrein Roblinus de'Waldgries

The cru site delivers wines to be remembered. In very special years. Meditation wine.

Ansitz Waldgries Lagrein Mirell Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesLagrein Mirell

«Lagrein Mirell is the product of an uncompromising approach combining concentration, tannins and especially elegance. It is often said that Lagrein cannot be so elegant, but with old vines and minimum yields I prove that the opposite is the case.» Christian Plattner