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A brief history

Here the culture of South Tyrolean taste meets the fascination of past times in a very special way. The atmosphere is private, amiable and reposeful.
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Established in 1895

Mitterplars 25
Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy


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Schloss Plars Marzan Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsMarzan

The Sauvignon is a smooth, aromatic wine of a straw yellow colour and an intensive smell of pineapple, gooseberry, elder and nettle. Fresh and bold – it goes perfectly with asparagus, onion soup, and fish dishes and can be drunk as an aperitif wine.

Schloss Plars Weissburgunder Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWeissburgunder

The Pinot blanc is a fruity and delicate white-wine with an intense yellow colour. Gentle notes of Williams pear, sweet apple, some dried pineapple and honey. Its full-bodied taste and fine minerals makes it a perfect aperitif wine and also an ideal accompaniment to white meat, pasta dishes and pâtés.

Schloss Plars Zepin Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsZepin

It's an orange wine

Schloss Plars Wine 5 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 5

Schloss Plars Wine 4 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 4

Schloss Plars Wine 3 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 3