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A brief history

The wine-growing estate is situated on a hill formed by glacial deposits. Its porous soil and the openness of the Merano basin provide ideal conditions for wine production. The climate here benefits from a Mediterranean influence: in the North the Merano basin is protected from the harsh northerly winds by the Texel mountain range with its peaks reaching up to 3.000 m – in the South it opens up to the sun.

As a result of this exceptional position the Guyot vines, which are tended with loving care, produce first-rate grapes which, in turn, by means of the most modern cellar technology develop into top quality wines.

The vines are planted in rows across the slopes, rising in terraces. They are fastened to stakes which are made exclusively from weather-proof chestnut wood.

Conscious of a deep obligation to tradition, the present owners do not tolerate concrete pillars – used to a considerable extent elsewhere – in the Castle vineyards. In the typical pergola system of cultivation the arbour, in the shape of a sunblind, helps to prevent the sun from drying out the soil and thereby the earth can store moisture longer. Approximately 10 hectares of vines under cultivation belong to Rametz Castle.
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