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A brief history

Fired with enthusiasm for a century and a half with no signs of slowing. Three generations live, work and make wine together here. We stand for clean, straightforward wines coming from high altitude vineyards. Thanks to the cool climate they get expression, finesse and their own identity.

Our family has a long history of winemaking. A tradition dating back to 1861. Thinking and acting close to nature, we produce uncompromising quality wines, which reflect their land of origin and our passion.
Idiosyncratic and with a strong character: our wines are unique. As are we. Accurate and gentle handling of resources is important to us. It is the fertile soil of our daily work in the vineyard. We question every single working step and consider which site offers the best potential. A down-to-earth character and much passion are fundamental, as well as innovation and nature-loving attitude. It is our goal to preserve traditions founded by our ancestors and meliorate them in continuation.

Thinking and acting close to nature, we free the path for the quality seal ClimaHouse Wine. Our winery is the first in Italy with this distinction. This is a new quality seal by the ClimaHouse Agency, reviewing the environmental compatibility of the building as well as the living comfort, the use of energy and water in wine production, the choice of packaging and the consequences of transport. Save the environment, please the eye. This was our goal during the construction of the new Pfitscher wine cellars, where we are since December 2011. With innovating approaches and energy-efficient actions.

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Established in 1861

Via Dolomiti 17
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Pfitscher Wines

Featured Wines

Pfitscher Brut Riserva METODO CLASSICO Bottle Preview
PfitscherBrut Riserva METODO CLASSICO

It is a great sparkling wine, with a brilliant colour and an immediate feeling of clarity, in which fruity and citrus notes are harmoniously combined with a certain minerality. The taste is elegant and refined, supported by a freshness that gives him great persistence.

Pfitscher Chardonnay ARVUM Bottle Preview
PfitscherChardonnay ARVUM

This dry, fresh white wine has a pleasant fullness and a strong yellow colour. It is elegant, with very delicate scents of exotic fruits, pears or apples.

Pfitscher Sauvignon Blanc SAXUM Bottle Preview
PfitscherSauvignon Blanc SAXUM

This white wine is grown on ice-age calcareous soils. With its pale-green colour, it has unmistakably intense scents of gooseberries, currants, elder, lilac and peach. Its nose has a very fruity and intense flavour, while the taste is dry with a fine interplay of acids.

Pfitscher Gewürztraminer STOASS Bottle Preview
PfitscherGewürztraminer STOASS

This long-lived, elegant Gewürztraminer is intensive and tangy. The fruity, aromatic scent is reminiscent of roses and has flavours of exotic fruits. The taste of this straw- to golden- yellow white wine is structured and harmonious.

Pfitscher Lagrein RIVUS Bottle Preview
PfitscherLagrein RIVUS

This wine, purple in colour, is rich in tannins, intensive in colour, harmonious and tangy. It has a light note of violets as well as to aromas of forest berries, fresh cherries and plums.

Pfitscher Sauvignon Blanc Riserva MATHIAS Bottle Preview
PfitscherSauvignon Blanc Riserva MATHIAS

This white wine is grown on gray porphyry and sandy limestone rock flour. With its pale-green colour, it reveals its complex potential in the glass with mineral flint nuances and crystal clear fruit. The taste is dry and the wine shows deepness, precision and a persistent finish.