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A brief history

A very warm welcome to the Oberpreyhof, a historic vineyard that has been restored with lots of love and enthusiasm! We are located in southern South Tyrol, in the sunny wine-growing village of Kaltern / Caldaro. The Oberpreyhof offers an ideal holiday home from home for those seeking peace and quiet, as well as for hikers and bike lovers. Our guests especially love the idyllic location at the heart of our own vineyards between Sallegg Castle and Campan Castle, with wonderful panoramic views of the Upper Etsch Valley, the Dolomites and Lake Kaltern / Caldaro. It is peaceful yet close to the village centre, as the historic heart of Kaltern / Caldaro can be reached in just ten minutes on foot.
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Established in 1992

Via Garnellen 2
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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Featured Wines

Oberpreyhof Vernatsch Bottle Preview

Vernatsch is a very old autochthonous grape variety. It is a fine, harmonious and fruity red wine with soft tannins and low acidity, therefore very digestible and easy to drink. Vernatsch is suitable for all occasions.

Oberpreyhof Grauvernatsch Bottle Preview

Pressed from the gray Vernatsch grape, probably the oldest and noblest variety of Vernatsch grape. A noble, fruity and racy wine, with a bright ruby red color, a typical aroma with light notes of raspberry and cherry. It is harmonious, round and balanced in taste and goes well with any occasion and food.

Oberpreyhof Kalterersee Bottle Preview

Pressed from the best Vernatsch grapes. A noble and fruity wine with an intense, fiery ruby red color and a typical aroma with light notes of raspberry, cherry and almond. It is harmonious, round and balanced in taste. Suitable for any occasion and food, but especially appetizers, fish and light meat dishes.

Oberpreyhof Chardonnay Bottle Preview

Our Chardonnay is an extremely popular and popular white wine. It is characterized by a greenish yellow color and a delicate fruity aroma reminiscent of pineapple, bananas, apples and citrus. The taste is lively, mineral, dry and soft. Chardonnay is excellent as an aperitif wine, with light, cold and hot appetizers, fish dishes and white meat.

Oberpreyhof Goldmuskateller Bottle Preview

Gold Muscat is a distinctive aromatic white wine. Straw to golden yellow color. Slightly sweet taste and pleasant acidity. It is particularly suitable as a dessert wine, but also goes well with soft cheeses.

Oberpreyhof Lagrein Bottle Preview

Made from the autochthonous grape variety Lagrein, it is a full-bodied, structured wine, with a dark garnet color and a delicate aroma reminiscent of blackberry and violets. Despite its strength, it is velvety and soft on the palate. Matches with game, roasts, dark meats and spicy cheeses.