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Rooted in nature, we work to produce individual,
high quality wines for joy in the glass.
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San Giuseppe al Lago 4
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


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Manincor Moscato Giallo Bottle Preview
ManincorMoscato Giallo

After all, we’re supposed to have fruit and vegetables five times a day. Our bright, aromatic Golden Muscat made from sundrenched grapes – at the right temperature – is pure joy!

Manincor La Manina Bottle Preview
ManincorLa Manina

Young generation. Fresh and lively, vibrant, and always easy to drink. A wine for people of today.

Manincor Réserve della Contessa Bottle Preview
ManincorRéserve della Contessa

Its secrets are subtlety and elegance, one could almost say aristocratic. A pale white wine with delicate aromas, just the thing for festive occasions.

Manincor Cassiano Bottle Preview

Manincor Eichhorn Bottle Preview

Much and little. It’s known locally as Weissburgunder, in France Pinot Blanc. And still, our Pinot Bianco Eichhorn combines Alpine and Mediterranean traits: vivid and flowery like a mountain meadow; long, lingering and aromatic like the sea.