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A brief history

Undoubtedly - our wines are idiosyncratic...

... just like the sites and soils on which they grow. And like the cold north wind that now and then roars across the vineyards. And shortly afterwards the piercing sun that beams mercilessly from the rich blue sky on the southern side of the Alps during the summer months. This shapes the character of our wines, which in their perfection become originals in their own right.

Our task is to accept the wonderful conditions of nature, interpret them and transform them into unique advantages. It is a challenge to turn them into wines in which vintage and territory are recognizable on the palate and nose. Artisan wines that not only allow for vintage differences, but deliberately promote them. Wines that taste like them to us and to our customers.
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Established in 2007

Via Principale 23
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


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Kiemberger Lagrein Passito PAUL Bottle Preview
KiembergerLagrein Passito PAUL

Paul - named after our son - is our Lagrein Passito. Just like its namesake Paul, it is powerful and energetic - lively and also a little impetuous. The grapes are dried in the barn after the harvest and after fermentation the wine matures for 18 months in wooden barrels. A fruity and powerful dessert wine

Kiemberger Sauvignon Bottle Preview

It grows on our highest vineyard at about 600 meters above sea level in the Kalterer district of St. Nikolaus with a lot of morning sun and cool airy climate.The vines were planted only in 2012. 20% of this wine matures in barrique barrels, giving our Sauvignon that harmony that we appreciate so much. Vegetal nose with citrus aromas and bright floral tones, hints of elderberry. Ripe, melting in the mouth, butter and cream caramel, fine acidity, vanilla hints, good substance and persistence, floral and very light ethereal nuances, buttery finish with mineral hints.

Kiemberger Lagrein Riserva Bottle Preview
KiembergerLagrein Riserva

It our signature wine, the Lagrein Riserva. This wine grows mainly on gravel soils on our vineyards in Terlan at the entrance to the former mine, as well as in Andrian and Auer. Fermentation takes place with a lot of maceration, as does the subsequent aging in wood, where it remains for a total of 30 months. Slightly toasty aroma of ripe, partly dried black berries with bitter chocolate aromas and coffee. Firm in the mouth, ripe black fruit, smoky wood, very light malty notes. Present, somewhat sandy tannin, powerful, earthy in the background and compact finish, which with sufficient air by decanting clearly gains juice.

Kiemberger Terlaner Klassisch Bottle Preview
KiembergerTerlaner Klassisch

Terlaner klassisch is the mixed set of grape varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Müller Thurgau and Riesling, which we harvest in our vineyard in Andrian. The production area of Terlaner klassisch is limited. It may only be grown in the three municipalities of Terlan, Andrian and Nals and grows here on loose limestone porphyry soils before maturing on the fine lees in wooden and steel barrels. Clear aroma with fine citrus and pome fruit aromas, floral nuances, herbs and light minerality. Firm, bright, fine-juicy fruit on the palate, lively acidity. Herbs and floral nuances in the background, restrained power, bright minerality and juicy finish with bite.

Kiemberger Gewürztraminer MARIE Bottle Preview
KiembergerGewürztraminer MARIE

Marie - our daughter - is the namesake for this wine.Many of her characteristics fit perfectly to this Gewürztraminer Spätlese. She has a tremendously positive charisma, her eyes shine lively like life. Playful yet elegant with a golden lightness. The grapes for her wine grow on vines in St. Nikolaus. There we harvest the dried berries with partial noble rot, press the mash and then ferment it in steel tanks. A late harvest with a light amber color, it smells of candied citrus, some lychee and a hint of bacon. In the mouth sweet fruit, with floral aromas, dried fruit, fine acidity and a hint of pepper. Complex, harmonious and powerful.

Kiemberger WEISSES HANDWERK Bottle Preview

The grapes of the varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon from the vineyards situated in St. Nikolaus/Kaltern and Andrian form the basis for our Weißes Handwerk. After fermentation, which takes place partly on the skins, the wine is aged for 20 months on the fine lees in wood, mainly in barrique barrels. Distinct floral, a little ethereal aroma with citrus and stone fruit aromas. Hay and mineral hints. Juicy, concentrated fruit with floral and delicately yeasty aromas. Present acidity, lots of structure, a bit of elderberry, background minerality. A touch of tannin, good depth, a little smoke and light wood, juicy finish.