Our white wine GLIMMER is based on the tradition of blend of grapes in our valley and comes from local, modern vineyards. In our GLIMMER come together Fraueler grapes of South Tyrol and Müller Thurgau grapes to give to the wine a particular flavor. The name of the wine refers to the mineral ‘mica’, present in our vineyards.


The winehas fresh notes of apple, pineapple, nuances of citrus and rhubarb.


On the palate has mineral elegant and stimulating notes.


The grapesgrow in the higher vineyards of our winery between 760 and 860 m o.l.s..


In the cellarbefore the pressing we allow the grape mash to sit for an amount of time depending on the vintage, in order to obtain mineral substances, natural aromas and tannins. After the pressing, we allow the grape mash to ferment slowly in stainless steel barrels in which the wine sits on its natural yeasts.