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A brief history

Investing in the future.

This was our philosophy at the beginning, seven hundred years ago, and it remains our philosophy today.

Traditional values, careful wine-making and the most modern cellar techniques are the foundation of this work.
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Established in 1309

Via Madonna del Riposo 3
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige
I - 39057


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Featured Wines

Josef Brigl Chardonnay Bottle Preview
Josef BriglChardonnay

Chardonnay enjoys universal appeal, greenish-yellow in colour with a delicately fruity aroma. Dry, fresh and racy on the palate, reminiscent of pineapple, banana, apple, pear, citrus fruits, caramel, vanilla and butter.

Josef Brigl Pinot Noir "Vigna Haselhof" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglPinot Noir "Vigna Haselhof"

Pinot Noir is ruby to garnet in colour with a firm backbone of tannin, a concentrated aroma and flavour reminiscent of woodland berry fruits and impressive length

Josef Brigl Gewürztraminer "Vigna WIndegg" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglGewürztraminer "Vigna WIndegg"

Traminer Aromatico has become one of South Tyrol's most sought-after white wines, straw- to golden-yellow, aromatic and full-bodied, discreet to pungent on the nose, agreeably dry and spicy with hints of clove, roses and lychee.

Josef Brigl Sauvignon "Vigna Rielerhof" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglSauvignon "Vigna Rielerhof"

Our Vigna Rielerhof is located at 500 m just above the nearby City Bolzano. The exposure and the slope giving the grapes its typically aroma. Soil, sand and calcareous soil gives the freshness.

Josef Brigl Riesling "Vigna Rielerhof" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglRiesling "Vigna Rielerhof"

From the earliest of times, among the best wine growing areas of South Tyrol have been the hills and slopes of Renon above Bolzano. Riesling originated in Germany, and in South Tyrol yields elegant white wines, greenish to pale yellow in colour, lightly flowery, lively on the palate with a delicate flavour reminiscent of peach, apricot, quince and green apple.

Josef Brigl Kalterersee "Vigna Windegg" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglKalterersee "Vigna Windegg"

The Lago di Caldaro - Schiava grape - yields uncomplicated, delicious pale to full ruby red wines low in tannin. The wines are eminently quaffable, mild and fruity often with a delicious almondy aftertaste.