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A brief history

The Bergmannhof, first mentioned in the 17th century, has since 1851 been in the possession of the Pichler family and is located on the South Tyrolean Wine Route in Eppan. In 1978 Karl and Josef Pichler decided to strike out and process the grapes from their 3-hectare vineyard themselves. First Karl, then Josef and now Johannes and Benjamin Pichler, representing the third generation, have been making wine from the farm's own vines for over 40 years.
The quality of the wines draws on the experience and knowledge of three generations, not to mention the efforts of the whole family and the passion that motivates them, both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
The Pichler family take great care to treat nature in a respectful manner. As much work as possible is done by hand to guarantee steady growth of the vines and ensure harmony in the vineyard.
Their nature-oriented and sustainable winegrowing methods, combined with expert, uncompromising cellaring techniques, result in genuine wines that fully retain their character as they age.

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Established in 1979

Unterrain 46
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Bergmannhof Wines

Featured Wines

Bergmannhof Kålch Mitterberg Red IGP Bottle Preview
BergmannhofKålch Mitterberg Red IGP

Old vines on limestone gravel soils give this complex blended wine an intensely powerful fruit, making it very dense and elegant. Aged for 24 months in wooden barrels.

Bergmannhof Lina Chardonnay Riserva Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
BergmannhofLina Chardonnay Riserva Alto Adige DOC

Full-bodied, powerful white wine with elegant acidity and a nutty, floral fragrance. Aged in wooden barrels, with half fermented on the lees.

Bergmannhof Hoamet Mitterberg Red IGT Bottle Preview
BergmannhofHoamet Mitterberg Red IGT

Special red wine: The Fermentation with stems and the 18-month aging in wooden Barrels give this Vernatsch a special Expression, strength and elegance.

Bergmannhof Merlot Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
BergmannhofMerlot Alto Adige DOC

Structured red wine with notes of blackberries and blackcurrants. Intense and long-lasting. Aged in large wooden barrels.

Bergmannhof Eart Mitterberg White IGT Bottle Preview
BergmannhofEart Mitterberg White IGT

More demanding and complex white wine with noticeable tannins. Six months on the lees in clay amphoras followed by 18-month aging in wooden barrels. Bottled without fining or filtering.

Bergmannhof Sauvignon Bottle Preview