Blend of 2 vintages: 50% 2018 and 50% 2019

Growing Conditions

- Cultivation zone: Novacella - Elevation: 630m (2.060ft) - Soil type: light and permeable moraine deposits - Aspect: south - Training method: guyot - Vines per hectare: 6.000


- Yield per hectare: 42 hl


Vintage: blend of 2 vintages: 50% 2018 and 50% 2019 This wine was aged in amphora, which is the ancient way to age wine. This type of container is made of “Ton” or terracotta which leaves a unique impression and intensifies the mineral notes of the wine inside. Ton also evolves with the wine stored inside, creating fruity and fresh notes with hints of chalk and wet cement or stone. - Fermentation: in amphora - Fermentation temperature: 18°C (65°F)


- Maturation: 24 and 12 months in amphora - Bottle ageing: 8 months