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A brief history

The Köfererhof estate dates back to the year 976 and counts as one of the oldest wineries in South Tyrol. Today, white wines exuding unmistakable elegance and minerality are produced here, which are both typical and unique to the Valle Isarco wine-growing region. With vineyards covering a total area of 6 hectares, we are a small but superior winery specialising in the vinification of excellent white wines. The high altitude of our terraced vineyards (located at between 650 to 700m above sea level) as well as the natural and climatic conditions offer many challenges: harsh mountain climate, extreme temperature differences between day and night, and long winters resulting in slower ripening times. The hard work pays off however, since these are in fact optimal conditions for our seven white grape varieties to mature into fresh, juicy characterful wines.
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Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige