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A brief history

Authentic, quality-conscious, curious - these were the characteristics that around ten years ago led Christine Schoenweger to create fine schnapps from the fruit that she lovingly grows in her garden. In 2007 she established her small but exclusive farm distillery in the historic Gaudenz Manor in Partschins. Since then, South Tyrol's first and - so far - only female schnapps maker has turned her passion for distilling into a successful business.

Christine has also passed on her love of high-proof products to her son, Felix, who farms his parents' estate and, after agricultural training and practical experience with renowned vintners and wineries, discovered wine making for himself. His first home-pressed vintages were bottled in 2016. Fine wines that, with their powerful bouquet, bear witness to the character of the environment in which they are grown and the skilled and careful craftsmanship of their maker.

You'll be inspired by the variety and individuality of our special wines!

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Christine & Felix
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